Marvellous Marmalade | Why I love crystals…
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Why I love crystals…

Why I love crystals…

I have been fascinated by crystals for many years. My friend introduced me to them when I was in my late teens and we spent hours choosing them and talking about their benefits.

Fast forward twenty years and I now use them in my work. Strangely, I seem to be drawn to make jewellery with the ones that I need. I often provide a list of their benefits for my customers and realise that I too needed exactly that support at the time.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits of using crystals:

Improving energy levels
Stress relief
Aiding creativity
Clearing your mind
Encouraging creativity
Attracting love
Letting go of negative emotions
Boosting your career
Increasing abundance
Protecting against negativity

Whether you have crystals in your home, in your wallet or choose to wear them, not only do they look beautiful but they can increase your wellbeing – and to me that’s a truly wonderful thing.

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